The Foreign Languages Centre (FLC) is based within the university. Language training is delivered through two in-house language delivery functions: English Language Training for General Purposes and English Language Training for Specific Purposes.

Through language delivery courses, course participants are enabled to pursue their professional training and  interact with fluency and confidence in their operational environment. The courses are aimed at acquiring language skills up to the SLP level required by Defence, underpinned by the NATO STANAG and/or ICAO LPR required by the CAA/Defence and/or CEFR level required by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The courses integrate language and subject matter contents so that students can develop language proficiency while simultaneously exploring subjects relevant to their professional arena. With its state-of-the-art language laboratories and well equipped classrooms, FLC provides an excellent training environment. Its greatest assets, however, are people - English language instructors, both military and civilian, linguists and SMEs have a wide range of training experience and are committed to the mission of delivering the highest quality language training and contributing to defence education. They  constantly upgrade their professional skills by participating in various professional training courses in Poland and abroad. 

Students studying with us are given the chance to experience life on an Air Force base, staying in excellent accommodation, enjoying the social life and making the most of  the sports facilities offered by the university. Our courses are attended by a mix of nationalities and services as well as civil servants, enabling students to build new friendships with colleagues  across air, land, and sea.