Civilian studies:

BA in National Security (full time and part time)


  • Air Transport Safety and Security,
  • Airport Security,
  • Passenger Handling and Safety in Air Transport,
  • Security Management in Aviation,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Cybersecurity in Aviation.


MA in National Security (full time and part time)


  • Airport Safety and Security,
  • Security Management in Aviation Organizations,
  • Crisis Management in Aviation Organizations.

The faculty offers courses in both undergraduate (lasting six semesters) and graduate (lasting four semesters) mode of study which aim at obtaining first (Bachelor) and second degree (Master) in National Security.

Since 2018, the faculty has obtained the right to confer a PhD degree in Social Sciences in the field of National Security.

The courses offered combine the tradition of education in security, national defence, and aviation security management with modernity and the current needs of the labour market. The courses within particular specializations provided enable to obtain reliable and in-depth knowledge about the theory and practice of security, the state institutions responsible for national security and their competences, international security problems, as well as the processes and mechanism that influence national security.