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The Military University of Aviation (MUA) joined EMILYO project in 2008 and since 2016 has been actively involved in short-term military students exchanges.

The Military Erasmus (EMILYO) is an international students’ exchange programme dedicated exclusively to military students who take part in long and short-term courses. They incorporate variety of activities from lectures through physical training to cultural exchanges classes. The military students mobilities aim at harmonizing EU basic officer education, promoting European Security and Defence Culture and increasing interoperability among the EU cadets.

Every year our staff takes part in IG meetings organised by the EMILYO IG Implementation Group, European Security and Defence Policy College in Brussels, and partner academies in order to exchange experiences, take part in LoD meetings and implement new regulations in the MUA.

Our University cooperates with:

  • Theresan Military Academy, AUSTRIA
  • Royal Military Academy, BELGIUM
  • Vasil Levski National Military University, BULGARIA
  • Croatian Defence Academy, CROATIA
  • Hellenic Air Force Academy, GREECE
  • Italian Air Force Academy, ITALY
  • Latvian National Defence Academy, LATVIA
  • Henri Coanda” Air Force Academy, ROMANIA
  • Spanish Air Force Academy, SPAIN
  • Swedish Defence University, SWEDEN