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EMILYO (Exchange of Military Young Officers) stands for the European Initiative for the Exchange of Military Young Officers inspired by Erasmus. It is also referred to as „Military Erasmus”, „Erasmus Militaire”, or „the Initiative”.

It was established in 2008 as the answer to the need of harmonising the European Union Basic Officer Education through exchanges of cadets as well as by teaching and training programmes. The Initiative prepares future officers to co-operate, increases interoperability among European armed forces and promotes a European Security and Defence Culture.

According to a Council Decision of all European Union Ministers of Defence, the 1st meeting of the Implementation Group (IG) was held in February 2009 and the meetings have been regularly organised on a quarterly basis since then.
Each meeting is devoted to summarising what has already been done, introducing of and voting on new ideas, and working on numerous Lines of Development (LoD) of the programme, which focus onto specific fields, such as creating an international semester for the Air Force.

Since the 1st meeting the programme has grown to become and invaluable tool in reinforcing the Common Security and Defence Policy and interoperability among cadets from numerous European basic officer education institutions. Each year the cadets from partner academies have got chances to participate in over 60 Common Modules and other international events and those, whose military institutions cooperate within international semester projects can fulfil one semester of their studies within this international system.

The highlight of the Initiative is to stay unique and act in unison, therefore it is not to standardise but to harmonise.

(Source: Gell, Harald, EMILYO Official Web Site: www.emilyo.eu)