• MUA Entry Access for foreigners (refers also to candidates for studies, who arrange their date of entrance with the MUA Student’s Inquiry Office via phone/email) to the secured premises of a building/institution owned by the Ministry of National Defense requires issuing a single-use permission entitling to get entrance to the MUA.
  • Receiving a single-use permission requires obtaining positive opinion from the Polish Military Counter Intelligence Service.
  • In order to receive a permission mentioned above, it is necessary to provide the following information:
    • Name and surname;
    • Date of birth;
    • Name of sending military base/unit or institution;
    • Position held;
    • Type and number of identification document;
    • Citizenship;
    • Access to classified information (if applicable);
    • Point of contact at the MUA.
  • The procedure must be started not later than 14 days before the planned arrival of foreign delegations including NATO and the EU countries and 21 days before the planned arrival of delegations outside NATO and the EU.
  • MUA International Cooperation Office and MUA Department of Classified Information are responsible for coordination of the procedure of issuing MUA Entry Access for a foreigner.
  • This procedure does not apply to:
    • diplomatic representatives accredited in Poland entitled for permanent entry access to the premises of secured areas;
    • guests of representatives holding management positions at the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland or guests of Commander of the General Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

Legal basis: Decision no.19/MON Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland of 24th January 2017 concerning organization of the international cooperation  at the National Defense.