I st degree studies for civilians

 First degree studies graduates of Aviation and Astronautics are prepared to perform engineering tasks in modern aviation industry factories and in the operating aircraft factories. They also have the skills to transfer modern aviation technology to other industry branches, in particular to the factories which perform tasks for aviation and astronautics.

This knowledge, in relation to the specialties: "Aircraft Pilotage", "Avionics", "Aeronautical Engineering" and "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" includes both modern technologies and information as well as the requirements of international aviation institutions (JAR FCL-1,2, EASA regulations) specifying the qualifications
and rules for obtaining the licence by flight personnel and by staff providing a continuous ability to perform a flight.

II nd degree studies for civilians

 Second degree studies graduates of Aviation and Astronautics with the Aircraft Operation specialty:

  • is a specialist presenting a high level of knowledge and skills required in civil aviation units both national and international;
  • possesses knowledge and skills preparing for undertaking creative, design and construction implementation and scientific work connected with construction, operation and piloting of an aircraft.


Integrated Military Master degree studies

A graduate of Aviation and Astronautics with specialties in Aircraft Pilotage
and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as part of theoretical and practical training:

  • possesses knowledge and skills that enable safe and correct operation
    of aircraft, armaments, on-board and ground systems as well as technical equipment;
  • knows the structure, purpose and operational limitations of aircraft;
  • knows tactical and technical data of armaments and technical equipment as well as means of using the operated aircraft, equipment and armaments.
  • has specialized knowledge of communication regulations and the ability to conduct radio correspondence via air networks, including communication in English;
  • possesses necessary specialized knowledge of the use of combat aviation equipment capabilities and is trained to conduct technical services;
  • has high physical fitness and mental resistance;
  • is prepared to work in conditions specific for a military unit.