For 95 years one has been able to fulfil a dream about flying in the “School of Eaglets”. In 2020 the Military University of Aviation celebrates its anniversary. The champions of Polish aviation come from here.

The school will celebrate for the next few months. Because of the pandemics of COVID – 19, this year some of the planned events connected with the anniversary will be transferred to virtual space. Every month some subjects connected with almost a 100-year-old activity of the school will be presented, among others air training throughout years and people who have made the history of the “School of Eaglets”.

During the anniversary celebrations an exhibition “95 years of the School of Eaglets” will be shown in the Jablonowscy Palace. One will be able to see photographs and copies of documents connected with the history of the school and Polish aviation as well as its everyday life.

Officer cadets of the Military University of Aviation will have an opportunity to meet Mr Richard Kornicki – a son of the last commander of the Polish wing of the Royal Air Force during World War II. Maj Kornicki won the plebiscite of the museum of the Royal Air Force, and was announced the most meritorious pilot of a Spitfire.

Within the celebrations, there will be a solemn handling over of the banner of the Military University of Aviation which will take place in front of the monument dedicated to the “Heroic Airmen of the Dęblin school of Eaglets”.

Some traditional school undertakings such as a solemn military oath, inauguration of the academic year or officers’ pass out are a part of the anniversary calendar.

The history of the school goes back to 5th November 1925 when the Officers’ School of Aviation was established in Grudziądz. On 14th April 1927 it was transferred to Dęblin. The School of Eaglets is the oldest air school in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Throughout the years it has changed its name, structure, studies and syllabus. Big changes always led to improving the teaching of students. One thing remains the same – the Military University of Aviation always has been, is and will be the  “School of Dreams” for young generation of future military pilots.

translated by: mgr Magdalena Klijer