On 14th August 2020 Polish Military University of Aviation authorities and TACP Training Center Cadre participated in the farewell ceremony to Sgt Juris Salajevs. Sgt Slajevs performed JTAC Instructor duties since 2018 for the two years supporting Polish JTAC Program and NATO/US accredited Joint Terminal Attack Controller Initial Qualification Course especially in the area of the virtual environment training. He proved himself to be a professional instructor able to conduct an effective training and willing to share specialized knowledge, experience and skills with young JTACs, being a strong link in a TACP TC team.

Acting Rector-Commandant Col. Pil. Wojciech WRÓBLEWSKI, PhD,Eng. decorated the distinguished non-commissioned officer with the Polish Army Medal in silver, awarded by the Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Poland.
Juris – thank you for your service!
text: Lt. Col. Jarosław NEFFE