The first four cadets of the Military University of Aviation underwent an intensive training on the M-346 Bielik trainer aircraft! This is a turning point in the history of the School of Eaglets! Cdt Sgt Sebastian Szczypka, Cdt Sgt Andrzej Wszołek, Cdt Sgt Jędrzej Kmak and Cdt MCpl Andrzej Milke will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant on December 6, 2019.

Cadets of the legendary Eaglets' School began celebrating Cadets' Day - a ceremony of all military universities students. It is celebrated in order to commemorate an heroic act of non-commissioned officers of Infantry Cadets School, who attacked Belveder from 29 to 30 November at night in 1830. Belveder used to be a headquarter of Duke Konstanty Pawlowicz Romanow who was a Russian Commander of Polish troops as well as a brother of a Russian Tsar. The attack was the beginning of November Uprising. The annual ceremony is a tribute for bravery of all participants of the Uprising and their fight to make Homeland independent.

On 27 November this year the Military University of Aviation established official cooperation with the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Administration.

The day of November 11 is a symbol of love for the homeland, national pride and long-awaited freedom. For decades, unsuccessful attempts have been made to break the steadfast will of the Polish Nation. However, as Marshal Józef Piłsudski said: To be defeated and notsurrender is a victory, to win and rest on our laurels is a defeat. Poles have never given in. After 123 years of partitions, in 1918, Poland regained its longed-for independence!

‘I did nothing wrong to Poland’ – these were the last words of the former Commandant of the’ School of Eaglets’- Brig.Gen.Pil. Szczepan Ścibior, spoken just before he was executed on 7th August 1952. Today we pay tribune to the hero who was falsely accused of action against the Polish Nation and then shot. This particular date, 6th November, will earn its place in the Polish history forever. On this day, Brig.Gen.Pil. Szczepan Ścibior was buried with the military honour in the grave near the Garrison Church of Virgin Mary of Loreto at the  Military  University of Aviation.