On 25th-27th June an away session of the Military Committee Air Standardization Board (MCASB) was held in the Polish Air Force University in Dęblin. The session was organised and conducted as part of the cooperation between Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces (DTC PAF) and the Polish Air Force University (PAFU).

On 15th June, 1939 in connection with growing military threat from the side of Nazi Germany, the senior year of cadets of the Déblin “School of Eaglets” was sent to complete air regiments. To commemorate this event, every year on 15th June the “School of Eaglets” Day is celebrated.  This year a solemn assembly took place on 14th June. A number of celebrated guests took part in the event, among others the Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence, Tomasz Zdzikot, former Commendant-Rectors of the School, representatives of military units and institutions from the Déblin garrison, uniform services, seniors of military aviation, academies as well as institutions cooperating with Polish Airforce University, the clergy, didactic and research staff, employees of national security department and cadets.

The Instructors of the Academic Air Training Center attended an advanced flight training for G2 Cabri helicopter pilots, which took place in France. The main  purpose of the training was to prepare the instructor staff to perform autorotational landings on surfaces other than concrete and asphalt.

On May 28-30 this year Rector-Commandant of the Polish Air Force University Brig.Gen.Pil.Piotr Krawczyk,PhD attended this year's European Air Force Academies (EUAFA) event, hosted by the "Henri Coanda" Air Force Academy Brasov in Romania.

The first flight of the Polish Air Force University cadets on training aircraft M-346 Bielik took place at noon on April 16, 2019, preceded by long weeks of preparation.