On 9th June 2020 Military University of Aviation (MUA) representatives participated in the 46th meeting of the Implementation Group for EMILYO. Due to Covid 19, first time in the programme history, IG meeting took place online. Our representatives participated in the 6th Plenary Meeting of the LoD-12 devoted to International Air Force Semester.

The meeting was hosted by its chair, Dr. Panagiotis Karampelas from the Hellenic Air Force Academy. Apart from MUA representatives, in the meeting took part: EMILYO chair, Col. Harald GELL, CSDC MilitaryTraining Manager, Maj. Illias MAKRIS, ESDC member and the representatives of air force academies from Greece, Portugal and Romania.

During the first part of the meeting general EMILYO issues were discussed. New Common Modules and LoDs, and their implementation process were presented. The dates of next IG meeting, iMAF and 5th CSDP Olympiad were introduced.

The second part of the VTC was devoted to the International Air Force Semester (IAFS). The LoD 12 Chair together with CSDC Military Training Manager discussed in details consecutive steps in the IAFS development taking into account e-books publishing, intellectual input and output, administrative work, technical details and budged. Tentative timeline for development phases was drafted till the year 2022 when IAFS is supposed to be fully implemented, provided that the project is accepted by National Agency.

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