48th Meeting of the Implementation Group for the European initiative for the exchange of young officers inspired by Erasmus (EMILYO) took place as VTC from 17th to 18th November 2020. There were 56 participants from partner institutions, the representative of the Military University of Aviation – EMILYO Program Coordinator, included.

The first day was divided into two sections: the first one devoted to general matters and the second – to the LoD groups meetings. The general issues discussed included short LoD’s Chairman’s summary of their undertakings, EMILYO documents templates, and introduction of new Common Modules. Moreover, the 6th honorary member of the Implementation Group has been chosen, and Norwegian Defence University College has been announced an associated IG member.

The second part of the first day was continued within LoD groups. The representative of the Military University of Aviation- EMILYO program Coordinator took part as an observer in the meeting of LoD 12 (International Air Force Semester). During the meeting realised and future steps of the development of the semester have been discussed.

On the 18th November reports of those already realised and the future events were introduced. LoD’s Chairs reported on the outcomes of the-day-before LoD groups meetings. What is more, the dates and locations of the events including: 6th CSDP Olympiad, EUMACS and iMAF were discussed.

48th ig