49th meeting of the Implementation Group (IG) took place as a VTC from 1st to 3rd February 2021. Representatives of the Military University of Aviation International Cooperation Office participated in the above VTC.

The first day of the event above was a training workshop for new participants of the Implementation Group meeting. The chairman of the IG – Col. Assoc. Prof. Harald Gell from Theresan MIlitary Academy, Austria - presented crucial aspects of the program and introduced the agenda of the meeting to the workshop’s participants.

During the second day of the meeting, vital administrative aspects of the program were discussed, participants were informed about the necessity of using standardized mobility documents for the matters of the EMILYO program and a new honorary member of the Implementation Group was selected, preceded by a vote. During the meeting, new proposals for international mobility were presented, such as: implementation of Uncommon Module - “Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)” by the Hellenic Air Force Academy and internship - ”Aerospace Technology” organized by Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Later, attendees discussed the rules of applying to participate in the following modules: „How to strengthen gender perspective within European basic officer education”, „Law of Armed Conflict”, „Common Security and Defence Policy” and “Biosafety & Bioterrorism”.
The final point of the panel focused on discussing the implementation status of the 5th CSDP Olympiad, providing detailed information on the upcoming edition of the CSDP Olympiad, and reviewing the current Lines of Development (LoD) concerning international initiatives.

The last day of the meeting was dedicated to discuss the details of the upcoming European Union Military Academies Commandants’ Seminar (EUMACS) planned for May 2021, making arrangements for the upcoming EMILYO events for years 2021 - 2022, as well as summarizing the entire meeting of the Implementation Group.