The „School of Eaglets” has opened its door for the future students of the Military University of Aviation (MUA). On March 4th 2020, undergraduates from Polish higher secondary schools came to our University to become familiarized with the process  of teaching  and practical training offered by MUA.

From February 17th to February 19th 2020 Military University of Aviation (MUA) representatives participated in the 45th meeting of the Implementation Group for EMILYO. MUA delegates took part in plenary sessions and two LoD meetings: LoD 12 – International Air Force Semester, and LoD 8 – Common Modules.

On February 4th 2020 the team of MUA International Cooperation Office took part in the organised in our university Didactic Conference. We delivered a four-part presentation.

The 1st section referred to an overview of international tasks that the office is responsible for, the 2nd and 3rd  were devoted to Erasmus+ and EMILYO programmes, their functioning in MUA, statistics and results.

The last part of the presentation was a briefing on the rules and procedures of business trips abroad at MUA.

Christmas is coming… Some of our Erasmus students are going home for a Christmas break, and some finish their mobility period and consequently their stay at the Military University of Aviation. To accentuate this special time of year and to also say good-bye to those who will be leaving us soon, MUA Erasmus+ Team, the International Cooperation Office and “Piekiełko” Restaurant organised a special cooking workshop for the students.

On 17th December 2019 a group of guest and host Erasmus+ students together with Military University of Aviation Erasmus+ Team and International Cooperation Office representatives took part in a “Kazimierz by Night” tour. It consisted of a stroll around this picturesque town, mini bus ride to Jewish cemetery, short history lesson, and a walk up and down a gorge which was lit by fire torches.