Step 1

To take part in one of the EMILYO events a cadet is obliged to :

  • Inform EMILYO Programme Coordinator about his/her willingness to take part in one of the EMILYO events via an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone : +48 261 517 489 contact details are available at the EMILYO/CONTACT tab)
  • Fill in a Registration Form sent by the EMILYO Programme Coordinator and send it back via an e-mail, then submit a printed and signed paper version to the International Cooperation Office (Rektorat 1st floor, room no. 114).
  • If there are not any applications for a particular event, cadets are nominated on the basis of a decision of Vice-Rector for Military Affairs, Vice-Rector for Education and Vice Rector for Student’s Affairs.

Step 2

  • After the analysis of the information provided in the Registration Form the  EMILYO Programme Board make a decision whether a candidate has been accepted to take part in an event or not.
  • If a cadet is not accepted to take part in an EMILYO event, his/her Registration Form is recorded in the system and will be re-sent to the decisive authorities when recruitment to another event takes place.
  • If a cadet is accepted to take part in an EMILYO event, she/he is obliged to:
    • fill in an organiser’s Application Form forwarded to the applicant by EMILYO Programme Coordinator and send it back within 2 days (personal details and an electronic version of passport or military ID photo);
    • (within two weeks from receiving Rector-Commandant’s consent) to write a Formal Request Letter to the MUA’s Rector-Commandant and collect opinions and signatures (with dates) according to official line of duty for documents circulation applicable in the MUA.
  • If a cadet receives a formal Rector-Commandant’s consent, he/she is obliged to submit to the Human Resources Department (Rektorat building),
    within 5 working days, a paper Military ID photograph with health and blood group certificates in order to obtain a travel ID Card and Plate, as well as a Personal Order from the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of National Defence to go abroad and take part in an event accordingly.

Step 3

  • Three weeks before the departure to the host institution a cadet has to start a departure procedure for the departure documents and NATO Travel Order.