• realization of the didactic process with cadets and officers in order to improve their physical skills and condition
  • propagation of active forms of relaxation through organizing sports events on different school and individual departments levels
  • preparation of school’s representation to participate in sports events at the military and civilian levels
  • introduction of effective methods of strengthening the physical condition of the staff and increasing their immunity against respiratory system diseases
  • modernization of facilities in order to make the physical education process more effective and attractive, introducing new forms of activity
  • organization of training process to candidates for pilots in the field of overloading maneuvers, increasing tolerance to gravity load and in the scope of maintaining tolerance to overload and resistance to air diseases
  • diagnosis of psychomotor and physical fitness of cadets in the process of preparation for aviation practices


  • organizing School Sub-units Championships of the PAFU
  • organizing and participation in the Deblin Garrison Championships
  • organizing and participation in the Civilian Academic Championships
  • organizing and participation in the Military Academic Championships
  • preparing for participation in the Polish Army Championships
  • organizing the Interschool Meetings for Commandant’s Cup
  • participation in the local community team sports tournaments