Department of Airframe and Engine

The department is a part of the faculty which provides classes for military and civilian students, as well as participants of training in the construction and operation of airframes and aircraft engines. Its didactic and scientific base is used to improve the professional qualifications of the university students and staff.


Department of Avionics and Control Systems

The Department has highly qualified lecturers, engineering and technical staff. It provides classes for both military and civilian students in: aircraft piloting, helicopter piloting, or ground-based navigation and air traffic control. There are also various specialised courses for pilots and staff of the maintenance personnel. The staff of the department conduct classes for international students within the Erasmus+ international exchange program.


Classes are conducted with the use of modern laboratory equipment. Students have the ability to use devices in practice which they will use in their future career. These devices are also used during scientific research, in which students are strongly encouraged to participate.


Department of Tactics and Armament

The department was established in 2010 after the Air Combat Operations Department and the Armaments Department were combined. It performs didactic, scientific and research activities, as well as provides training for military and civilian students. Specialised development training programmes for the personnel of the Polish military are also organised within the department, along with postgraduate studies. The department’s staff is engaged in projects related to the construction and use of a rocket, barrel, and bombardier weapons, as well as weapon control systems; the command and use of combat aviation in joint operations; flight safety; along with the planning and use of military aviation in contemporary crisis response operations.

The department cooperates with:

  •  Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Poland
  • War Studies University, Poland
  • Military University of Technology, Poland
  • Polish Naval Academy, Poland
  • Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland
  • Kielce University of Technology, Poland
  • Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations, Poland.

The department has a modern simulator, ŚNIEŻNIK 1, which is a multi-station device for conducting simulated fire shooting at a shooting range for individual soldiers.

The staff can participate in the training of commands, staff and troops, including "ANACONDA", "AUTUMN", and "EAGLE" exercises, on a regular basis.